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Modern Office Chairs

The IKEA Hattefjäll comes in colorful fabrics and sports a fun, curvy design, but our testers found the seat too firm for prolonged sitting. We think you’re better off getting our budget pick, since it’s only about $40 more. Humanscale’s Freedom offers plenty of finishes and is a compact chair. The model we tested was fully loaded in leather and a polished aluminum frame, a configuration that retails for over $2,500. But that pricing didn’t factor into our blind testing, where our panelists rated it just average across most of the categories, including comfort, back support, and ease of adjusting. On the plus side, the Freedom’s arms can lower to seat height, which makes it easy for you to get in and out of the chair and to fit it under any desk. If the sculpted foam design appeals to you, the Freedom might be worth trying out for yourself if you can find it at a nearby retailer and if you feel comfortable shopping in person.

It’s comfortable and adjustable so you can align it perfectly for your own neck and head position. The seat is engineered with a lot of structural aluminum, including the wheelbase. In addition to the usual height adjustment, the seat tilts and reclines. In fact, it reclines from 85 to 165 degrees, which is virtually straight back. You could nap in this chair, and the side wings keep you in place. These are great qualities for the rough handling gaming chairs often receive. Under the PU leather is Secretlab’s cold cure foam which delivers a firm and supportive, but not too hard or rigid, feel that is surprisingly comfortable. Complementing the seat is a pair of memory foam pillows you can position as you like, and they offer welcome lumbar and neck support. American industrial design legend Niels Diffrient authored many products of great importance, but this was his magnum opus. As illogical as it sounds, standing and raising desks do need seats of their own.

To give your arms a rest from typing on the keyboard, lay them on soft armrests to relax. Then there’s our MARKUS collection - its mesh backrest keeps you cool as you put in the effort during a busy day. And if you are looking to keep your employees from fidgeting too much during a board meeting, get our cosy stained oak-veneer FJÄLLBERGET conference chair. Create a relaxed, inspiring space for work and productivity with home office chairs. Easily complement existing furniture, including bookshelves and desks, with office and desk chairs in neutral leather. Allow for easy movement as you sit at your desk or workspace with a 360-degree swivel chair on rolling casters. If you have multiple users, find an ergonomic chair that adjusts in height. It features authentic wooden accents and is made by mattress-maker Serta, so you know the chair's comfortable. It also has an ergonomic design with adjustable lumbar support.

The shorter back design and lack of arms mean it won't support you as well as other entries in our list, but for less intensive use it should do the job just fine. Plus, that more compact size does mean it's relatively unintrusive and well suited to smaller spaces. If the lift mechanism in your office chair needs repair but the upholstery portion is still in good shape, don’t toss the chair. You can replace an office chair gas cylinder yourself for about $40 (one source for office chair parts is Office chairs come in so many different shapes, styles and colors; sometimes it's hard to know where to begin. If you want a great-looking gaming chair on a budget, then this chair is the way to go. It offers a nice-looking design, a number of cushions and plenty of padding for a comfortable experience, and it even has a pair of Bluetooth speakers built right into it for home audio.

To make your space easier to work in, first try adjusting the height of your chair. It should be in line with your desk, keyboard, mouse, and desktop monitor. When you adjust the height, your feet shouldn’t be left dangling. You may need to readjust or consider buying a footrest to keep your feet firmly on the ground. To prevent some strain in your knees and thighs, consider using a seat cushion; That cushion can help cut out the stress on your lower body and give you a boost at your desk. If your lower back tends to act up after a workday, a lumbar support pillow will help take the tension off your spine and get your posture more aligned. is designed to respond to your body and movements as you work to ensure you're fully supported and comfortable at all times, and almost every part of the chair can be easily adjusted to fit you exactly. The mesh 'TriFlex' back delivers zoned support, is breathable and can be cleaned thoroughly, while the 'Airwave 2' seat distributes your weight evenly to eliminate pressure points. While it's not the cheapest, advanced features make this chair a worthwhile investment for your home office. Plenty of office chairs have a mesh back for a cooler overall experience, but few gaming chairs follow the same trend.

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Designed with sophistication, the Hook Leather Office Chair will fit into any work environment. The button-tufted plush back, tight seat, and rolled track arms give ultimate comfort and make this chair perfect for just about anyone. Decorative nail detailing around its track arms and base give it an antique effect. The swivel feature and sturdy base with casters make this traditional-style chair a perfect pick for your workspace. Just getting an office chair won't instantly solve issues you're having with discomfort and fatigue throughout the workday, of course. You have to think a bit more holistically about how you're working. No matter how comfortable a chair is, prolonged static posture is not good for the back and can cause pain and injuries.

Complete your home office with the Swivel Desk Chair in brown. Classic in design this gliding office chair will be the perfect companion to any style of desk. Because you're going to spend so much time sitting on it, it's worth spending a good chunk of money. But if you can't spend the money to buy one or find the space to keep one, the main thing you can do to prolong damage to your body is to try not to sit for too long. If possible, consider getting a sit-stand desk converter and try to spend some of your day on your feet. Of all the chairs under the $250 price point, we think this one looks the most like an expensive designer chair. Notably, it has a tilt mechanism that gives you the ability to recline. Reviewers praise this chair as being "extremely comfortable and sturdy."

This seat comes fully assembled with an airlift piston that allows height adjustment from a little over 26 inches up to 35 inches. Nothing is worse than sitting down in a chair and feeling like you’re going to tip right out of it. Thankfully, you won’t have that feeling in this chair, as it has a bigger base with double casters that make the chair very sturdy. The back of the chair can be tipped back and locked into position, so you don’t have to constantly adjust anytime you wish to kick back a little bit. For an even more space-age design, the Herman Miller Embody chair offers a combination of simplicity, flexibility, and personalized ergonomics, but we think it actually looks like a jet about to take off. The Mirra 2 is a similar design to the Celle we covered above, and another great option in the Herman Miller range (pitched at around the same cost, as well, though it’s just a touch more expensive). Overall, this is another good value chair from Herman Miller, given what you’re getting, and you can grab the Mirra 2 here.

You can also adjust the back, armrests, and height of the chair to best align with your back and hips. The lumbar support adds additional comfort, so you can settle in for a long workday. If you’re looking for an armless mesh back chair that’s more in the budget category, this one from Amazon Basics is another solid choice. ticks a lot of boxes – and at this price it's not just one of the top chairs at IKEA, it's one of the best full stop. You can adjust its height, there's built-in lumbar support and the mesh material means the air can get to your back, which is great when you're sitting down for long periods. There's also a brake that engages when you stand up, to help avoid that awkward moment when your chair slides out from beneath you.