Home enterprises commonly used network marketing strategies

  (A) product strategy

  In network marketing, customers are in a dominant position, consumption presents personalized characteristics, different consumers may have different requirements for the product, so the design and development of products must meet the customer this personalized consumer demand. Customers cannot personally feel the products before buying them on the Internet, but they have certain expectations about the quality, ease of use and features of the purchased products. Therefore, for material products, the design, production and supply of enterprises must implement flexible production and management; for intangible products such as services and software, enterprises should provide personalized services according to the different needs of customers.

  (B) Price strategy

  Traditional marketing to cost-based pricing, in which marketing costs account for a high proportion of the overall cost, through layers of channels, and a lot of manpower and publicity to compete for the market. In network marketing, the traditional pricing model is no longer applicable, replaced by the cost of customer acceptance to pricing, and according to the customer’s cost backwards, to provide flexible product design and production solutions for users to choose, until the customer agrees before organizing production and sales.

Home enterprises have problems

  (A) the enterprise in the website publicity problems

  Home network marketing awareness is not particularly strong, unclear understanding of network marketing, many small and medium-sized enterprises believe that the establishment of their own Web site on the network is to carry out network marketing, which is far from the true meaning of network marketing. At present, the establishment of their own Web sites or Web pages of enterprises to effectively promote their Web sites are few, online marketing of small and medium-sized enterprises are not many, unevenly distributed

  (B) the problem of enterprise promotion on the website

  The purpose of making a website is to be seen by many viewers on the Internet, so as to spread corporate information and achieve the purpose of online marketing. For the time being, enterprises in the promotion of websites generally have some problems as follows.

  (1) the problem of search engine marketing

  On the data released by CNNIC in January this year, 65.7% of Internet visitors will use search engines, and for the promotion of new websites, search engine marketing is the way to go. Search engine mainly to Baidu and google. Enterprise in search engine marketing on the main performance of the two aspects: one is not clear optimization object, site optimization design is unreasonable; second is a single means of search engine marketing, in the promotion of the site many enterprises will simply understand search engine marketing into search engine optimization. For the enterprise website, the web page is relatively small, if the marketing means single, then far from the effect of search engine marketing.

  (2) E-mail marketing related issues research

  First of all, enterprises tend to be in a hurry when using e-mail marketing, always pursuing how to release their advertising information to more Internet users, and often ignore the two basic factors of E-mail marketing: based on user permission and information has value to users. Secondly, companies are too single-minded in expanding their e-mail marketing targets, focusing only on registered members of their own websites and using paid methods to purchase e-mail addresses. Finally, like traditional marketing methods, enterprises tend to ignore the evaluation of marketing effects.

Solution suggestions

  (A) the correct view of network marketing

  The network provides a platform for enterprises to get the attention of consumers, enterprises should make full use of this platform to deliver information, their product information, brand image, promotional information, investment information and so on to the maximum extent possible in front of consumers. For enterprises that cannot realize online sales, they can do “online marketing, offline trading”. In addition, the network is a promotional platform, but it is a platform to provide customer service, is a communication platform with customers to communicate freely, enterprises should make full use of the network as a product of science and technology to develop more marketing support functions, and not just limited to advertising online. In today’s rapidly changing economic development, part of the lagging enterprises to form and maintain their own advantages in the fiercely competitive market, the first step is to correct their understanding, the correct understanding of network marketing.

  (B) improve enterprise website construction

  1. Clarify the purpose of their own website

  Before building a website, enterprises should first clarify their guiding ideology, whether they want to provide customer service or spread brand value, to establish a corporate image or improve marketing channels and so on. Different purposes of building a website, there will be a different style of building a website, in the website column trade-offs also have their own focus.

  2. Reasonable set website column

  In the number of people generally do not receive more than seven information at a time, so the number of columns on the site to control the range. The definition between the columns to be clear, this problem is more common in the tourism services website, columns and columns between the content of more or less repeat each other’s feelings. In addition, in the column settings do not blindly imitate other corporate websites, the information useful for their own purposes before setting up independent columns.

  3. Improve the content of the enterprise website

  For an enterprise website, to fully convey the complete information of the enterprise, generally more than 100 pages, the task is heavy, so the enterprise in the production of their own website before, must be set up a project team, responsible for collecting information in all aspects with the website production staff to complete the work. In addition, due to the influence of traditional marketing methods, people in the network marketing or take the previous strong media communication thinking, in the production of websites often emphasize their product information as the main content, in fact, the website as a marketing carrier, enterprises should provide some kind of service or other means to enrich this carrier as the main content, in order to achieve the purpose of attracting viewers.

  4. Focus on the practicality of the enterprise website

  In the production of corporate websites, our main purpose is to deliver corporate information to consumers in the quickest way, so the first step in the production of the website should be from the psychology of the viewer, from the actual environment of the Internet, in each web page as much as possible, there is a certain amount of actual content of the text description. It is not necessary to pursue too much beauty and add too many animations and pictures, even if they are in gif format, as for music, for the construction of corporate websites, it is better to save.