This machine is appropriate for making sacks from non-woven textures, and can handle non-woven packs of various sizes and shapes, for example, horse cut packs, totes and satchel packs, and so forth Lately, new packs have been added to the business, for example, non-woven organic product sacks, plastic swing bushel packs, grape packs and apple packs. The machine is electromechanical and worked by contact screen.


Furnished with step moderate length setting, photoelectric following, precise and smooth. Programmed counting can be set counting alert, programmed punching and other modern control gadgets, so that its development of completed items seal line solidly, cut line delightful. Rapid productivity, is you can have confidence that the utilization of top notch harmless to the ecosystem sack making hardware.
As indicated by the machine construction and activity structure can be partitioned into: single machine and programmed creation line. The single machine enjoys the benefits of low value, simple to utilize and basic support. Various machines can be consolidated to shape a creation line.

The non-woven sack making machine is taken care of by a feeder to really send powder (colloid or fluid) into the container mechanical assembly over the bundling machine, the presentation speed is constrained by a photoelectric situating gadget, the rolls of fixing paper (or other bundling materials) are driven by an aide roller and acquainted with the collar previous, which is bowed and afterward lapped by a longitudinal sealer to turn into a chamber, the material is naturally estimated and filled into the pack made, the cross sealer irregularly pulls the pack chamber downwards while doing warm fixing and cutting, at last framing a lapped longitudinal crease to seal the level pack on three sides, finishing the fixing of a pack.

  1. Utilizing ultrasonic welding, it is needle and string free, taking out the requirement for incessant needle and string nonwoven manufacturing machine changes, without the messed up string joint circumstance of customary string sewing, and furthermore takes into account perfect neighborhood cutting and fixing of materials. The sewing likewise assumes an embellishing part, solid glue obsession, can accomplish waterproof impact, clear emblazoning, the surface is more with three-layered help impact, working pace item impact is great all the more high-grade excellent; quality is ensured.
  2. The utilization of ultrasonic and extraordinary steel wheel handling, fixed edges don’t break, don’t hurt the edge of the fabric, and no bristly edge, moved edge peculiarity.
  3. No preheating is expected for assembling and persistent activity is conceivable.
  4. Simple to work, not vastly different from customary sewing machine activity strategies, can be worked by conventional sewers.
  5. Minimal expense, 5 to multiple times quicker than conventional machines, high productivity.
    Handling range

The handling scope of non-woven sack making machine is a wide range of plastic or other material packs of various sizes and thickness particulars, by and large, plastic packs are the principle items. Obviously the principle non-woven sack making machine is as yet the primary result of turning texture. Not just the development of non-woven pack making machines, yet additionally the creation of an assortment of sack making machines.