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China Mercedes Exhaust, Mercedes Exhaust Manufacturers, Suppliers, Price

So whether you are looking for a mild or wild exhaust system, this article will outline available exhaust modification options for the Mercedes-Benz w211 E-Class. Your go-to spot for information on the exhaust system, as well as mufflers, catalytic converters, pipes and sensors. Walker is your one-stop exhaust shop, offering a full line of mufflers, pipes, hardware and accessories. Actually, the exhaust flaps have more to do with sound than actual performance. If you are driving an AMG SL65, you might notice more of a power gain than if you are driving a CLA45, but in reality, it is only a few horsepower. That being said, the sound change is like magic and gives driving a really fun twist. Most modern Mercedes-Benz performance cars are equipped with Mercedes-Benz exhaust flap technology for adjusting air flow through the exhaust, affecting sound, performance, and comfort. AMG exhaust system with larger pipes and modified mufflers to reduce back-pressure .

Then I was in the dealers this afternoon and they had a black CLA45 with NO NSP but the performance exhaust and it actually had black chrome tips. I have the performance exhaust and I get compliments on how it sounds all the time. i ordered the performance exhaust but the car I test drove had the standard exhaust. I could have sworn it was the performance exhaust because it was loud and had the pops and crackles. I always want the loudest exhaust, so im glad i ordered the performance version, at $450 I thought it was a bargain compared to the other options. Since the functioning of the amg exhaust pipe of your vehicle directly impacts the performance of its engine, no compromise should be done when you plan to buy them. Once you visit, you can go for a wide category of amg exhaust pipe that fit into your vehicle's requirements and can enhance the torque of your vehicle.

While money matters, it should not be the case here since offers an exclusive set of amg exhaust tips selections that can ease off your burden. The Mercedes-AMG GT S combined with iPE system, will generate a loud and aggressive growling sound for anyone behind the steering wheel who is searching for a spirited driving experience. Our aim was to improve the GT S by giving it that certain character for an all new sports car. We accepted this challenge and created our own masterpiece in order to make the GT S sound like a hard-core sports car from AMG. Our outstanding design with precision craftsmanship has refine all aspects of the exhaust sound. The most significant feature is low deep growl at low revs through to intense thunderous rumbles at high revs. While the new third generation SLK55 AMG R172 uses the same formula as the R171, with a slightly larger displacement of 5.46 liters, direct injection, and an improved 7 speed automatic transmission. The same basic principles below for modifying the exhaust system will work on the 2012 R172 SLK55 AMG with similar, once available exhaust components. I had a chance to drive a red R172 SLK55 AMG last weekend, the exhaust note is intense at higher RPM’s.

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But obviously, you could achieve similar results by doing individual mods the way I did, or even going further by picking up some high flow cats. The SLK55 might have slower response steering as compared to rivals from Audi and BMW, especially with so much torque on top. You gun the SLK55, by the time you are ready to steer the car to change lanes, you’re already super close to the car you/re trying to pass, but the steering isn’t instantaneous. That slight delay in the steering forces you to adjust your throttle, and reconsider flooring the car in the future. Selecting a different dealer may impact the price and availability of items in your cart. There is no visible clue to whether you have the exhaust option I don't believe.

Point is, if you’re reading this you’re going to be doing a lot of masking. As soon as you park your pipes someplace well-ventilated yet sheltered from sun and rain. To paint my bike’s pipes, which measure about four feet long and have a diameter of maybe three inches at max, I bought one can of primer and one can of matte black. Later I would end up using another can of matte to clean up a mistake. If the paint does anything for performance it’s not noticeable, and on a 400 pound vehicle that makes 116 horsepower you can pretty much detect the drag of extra lint in your pocket. And while high-temperature paint ain’t cheap (like $8 for a spray can) it’s half a fraction of shipping costs alone on a new Yoshimura 4-to-1 exhaust system. Not meaning to sound thick (not difficult!) but what and where are the resonators?

It achieves similar goals—reducing turbo lag and improving low-end torque—but it's a separate device from the turbocharger. The M139 offers a maximum of 414 hp and 369 lb-ft of torque, and it's unclear how these numbers will change with the addition of the new electric turbocharger. The idea is to blend the quick response of a smaller turbo with the power-generating-capability of a big one. As with an F1 MGU-H, the electric motor is mounted directly to the shaft that connects the turbine and compressor wheels. The motor is driven off a 48-volt electrical system and starts spinning up the compressor wheel before exhaust gasses spin up the turbine. ''Integrity first,quality best'' is our tenet.We have confidence in providing you with excellent service and ideal products. If you’re looking to crank up a notch or bring it down, perfectly engineered upgrade paths are available. Turn your Touring Edition to a Track Edition, or vice versa, with ease. Simply unclamp the rear Touring or Track Edition sections and replace with the new configuration.

I would’ve loved to dyno the car before and after the mod, but I never had a chance to do it. Long tube headers, high flow primary cats with secondary cat delete, xpipe, stock or sport mufflers should yield an amazing bump in the performance and sound of the R171 and R172 SLK55 AMG. Several manufacturers offer a direct bolt-on full replacement exhaust systems, from the headers to tips. That would throw you back a few grand, but the quality and fitment would be ideal in keeping the stock SLK55 exhaust system intact. Without having to chop it up into pieces in order to put together a decent exhaust system. I have black chrome on mine, when I pointed it out to my salesman that they f'd up at the factory his response was that's what comes with performance exhaust. I haven't seen any documentation that says the performance exhaust gets black chrome, so now I don't know what gets black chrome anymore. Fuel – Fuel quality is HIGHLY important with performance vehicles.

The Akrapovic Sound Kit (P-HF949) can be purchased as an optional part. Addition of our perfect x pipe geometry enriches the sound effectively widening the soundscape, to give more aggresive midrange and treble tones. The valvetronic rear section integrates the valve control seamlessly to the cars oem functionality, allowing the car to be driven almost silently on valve close, and give a rich barratone aggresive vocal on valve open. The V8 BiTrubo engine comes with factory catalysts pipes that are excessively restrictive for performance. We propose our High Flow Sport pipes in order to increase performance and provide a better sound. Our pipes are equipped with 200 cell catalysts to remain eco-friendly. A week later, I took the SLK55 with the freshly installed RennTech headers into a local muffler shop that works mostly on race cars. Had them remove the stock resonator, massage out the pipes, and install a Magnaflow x-pipe in place. The whole process for installing the x-pipe took around 2 hours, costing me $150, and the exhaust looked as good as stock underneath.

Therefore, it only makes sense to throw out the heavy-useless OEM exhaust system, replacing it with a full exhaust, catback, or at least an X-pipe. Unfortunately, many OEM exhaust systems use very small diameter piping, which usually results in poor exhaust gas flow. If your car has poor exhaust gas flow, you might want to consider adding aftermarket performance exhaust parts. The purpose of an aftermarket exhaust system is to eliminate exhaust gas restriction and improve power. With those cars in mind, it’s safe to say the only reason automakers are putting fake tips on vehicles is for aesthetic appeal. Basically, the fake tips allow a designer a little more freedom when styling the rear end of the car. Exhaust tips get hot, and you can’t have your funky-shaped exhaust tip touching the plastic of your bumper or you’re going to melt something.